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budgies and cage and accessories

I am selling 4 budgies.2 males2 females.large cage with accessories in the cage.nest.bird back pack carrier.?160.or can sell each budgie ?30.cage with stan...

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Baby budgies

Baby budgies about 7 to 8 weeks old, ready to find their new homes. Also 1 blue female about 1 year old.

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3 month old Tabby kitten (SOLD)

With a heavy heart I am selling my sweet boy due to me moving away for work. I?m looking to give my baby a good, caring home. 12 week old tabby kitten.

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Polish and Silkie bantam chicks (?5 each)

polish and silkie bantam chicks for sale ?5 each . They are on heat. they are chick crumb.

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Reptiles for sale

Various reptiles for sale Hognose, female 100% het albino ?60 ono Hognose, male albino ?65 ono Female pinstripe ball python ?40 ono Feel free to ask any questions. Pl...

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FISH! Guianacara cichlid babies

Guianacara babies: still small (1-2cm) but healthy & eating well. Bottom dwelling south american cichlids; need sandy substrate, soft water, and enrichment (leave...

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Continental Crosses

These are three giant continental cross males for sale. Both mummy and daddy are here to see if you call. They are very friendly and and have been regularly lifted and pe...

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Neatherland Dwarf Rabbit Male and Supplies

Neatherland Dwarf Rabbit Male - ?100Rabbit cage- ?40Food and hay freeRabbit and supplies can be sold separately. Message if interested

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Continental giants rabbit for sale

Hi for sale beautifull continental giant adult Chinchilla male and yellow male and female they are loking new lowely home. Chinchilla male D.O.B 09.2019 Yellow male D....

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SOLD Long haired silver dapple puppie

We would like to announce that our beautiful Mini our miniature dachshund has given birth to her first littler litter of pups born November 8th , she had 1 beautiful silv...

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